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Our Process

our Process

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Step 1


Schedule a Call


Before we schedule a meeting together, we like to make sure we are a good fit for your needs with a 20-minute phone call. One of our wealth advisors will visit with you on the phone to determine what potential services you may need, which advisor is most appropriate for your situation and personality, and if our insight aligns with your objectives.

If we are not the best firm to help you, we will be sure to provide insight into other options that may be better suited for you.

Our Clients

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Step 2


Get Acquainted


In our first meeting, we will focus on getting to know one another. We will share information about our firm, services, and fees, and you will tell us more about your financial situation, objectives, and background. Please note, it is always helpful for everyone to be well prepared for our first meeting so we wrote this blog about getting started with an advisor.

Before concluding, we will outline the recommended scope of our engagement to ensure you receive the services you need.

Getting Started With an Advisor

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Step 3


Review Your Needs


The next step in our process is reviewing your data and information to formulate potential strategies and courses of action. We will build an initial draft of your financial plan with different scenarios, analyze existing investment allocation, examine insurance policies, etc. We may reach out to you for more information or additional documents as we prepare for our plan design meeting.

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Step 4


Design Your Plan


In our second meeting together, we will co-create a plan based on our proposed strategies and your real-time feedback. By the end of the meeting, you may be ready to move forward or additional scenarios may need to be explored before finalizing your plan design.

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Step 5


Ongoing Partnership


Once you decide to work with BentOak, we will begin implementing the agreed upon strategies and discuss our responsibilities as well as yours as we partner together. We will open accounts, transfer money, invest funds, refer you to other professionals if applicable, etc. during the initial phase of partnership.

After your plan is initiated, we will continue to monitor your progress to your goals on a long-term, ongoing basis with regular check-ins and meetings.

Actual Model

Client Care Model

Our clients are at the core of everything we do, and our Client Care Model is built with our client first approach.

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