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Growth IconUltra High Net-Worth

Tailored Services

  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving Guidance
  • Trust Services (through The Private Trust Company)
  • Enhanced Portfolio & Investment Analytics
  • Tax-efficient Investing


Key questions we can help answer

  • My net worth is concentrated in a family business and real estate, how can I diversify?
  • I have a basic estate plan, but my net worth has gone up considerably since it was created – how do I go about addressing these changes?
  • I do not want to pay “Uncle Sam” half of our family’s assets in estate taxes, how can we reduce potential estate taxes?
  • Should we give to heirs now, through a trust, or through our will – what’s the advantages / disadvantages of each?
  • Some of our family members are great with money, others are not.  How can I ensure I care for my heirs from themselves and keep things fair?

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